About me :

I was born on 11th January 1989 in Esfahan. I am from a common Iranian family and live with my mother and sister in Esfahan. I love science, philosophy, computer(I am a free software and GNU/LINUX fun) and art(just I love art but I am not an artist at all). I love poem and some time, write something that is "similar" to the poem. It is a little hard to explain my personality and I don't like hard things!!!

Educations :

My basic study was first in a village is called Choopanan and then my family migrated to Isfahan. I finished my high school at Harati college in Isfahan and I was accepted in physics and finished my BSc in Payam Noor University of Esfahan and in 2013 I was accepted for Mcs in condensed matter physics at Isfahan University of Technology.

Research Interests :

I love computational physics and searching for new matters that are used in electronics.in other words, I am interested in spintronics. I love philosophy of physics too and the connection of philosophy of physics with human science. In physics, new matters like graphene and silicene and nano matters are my interests.