2013 - 2016 Master of Science in Computional Solid State physics , Isfahan University of Technology(IUT), Isfahan.
Thesis Title: Developing an interface code between FPLO and WANNIER90 for calculating maximally localized wannier functions
2008-2012 Bachelor of Science in Solid State physics, Payam-e-Noor University(PNU), Isfahan.
2004-2008 Mathematics and Physics Diploma, Sheykhzadeh Harati College.

Professional Experiences:

Quantum Simulation Lab - Isfahan University of Technology
Description: The laboratory is the highest rate lab in quantum simulation of matters in Iran under Prof.Hadi Akbarzadeh leadership. Visit its website here
Role: software and hardware installing and compiling, Linux expert, website manager,
TECAM is one of the most famous groups and store which produces and sells laboratory equipments, chemical matters and also training technology. visit
website here
Role: manager of chemical matters



Research Experiences:


Technical Skills:

Quantum Simulation Software: FPLO (my professional code), Quantum Espresso (some good experience), FHI-aims (good experience), Wannier90 (know the concepts and some experience), Octopus (elementary knowledge)
Programming Language: C/C++, know syntax and concepts, passed a course in university , Fortran,beginning
Scripting Language: Bash (know syntax and some simple work, finish the codcademy course) Python (have some long coding experience and it is my favorite language which I done my M.Sc thesis by using python, finish the codcademy course)
Math Matlab, Octave, Sage (low syntax knowledge)

Operation System: Gnu/Linux (more than 6 year experience and using it as main OS,), Microsoft Windows (I know it but I dont like it)
Data Visualizer: xmgrace(good), gnuplot(good)

structure Visualizer: jmol, xcrysden, vesta, avogadro

Documentation software: Latex (good, not micro developing,preferred),LibreOffice(good),ICDL
Development Tools: Vim, Geany, Spider, pycharm, Eclipse , Net-Beans

Version Controlling Tools: GitHub URL
Concepts: Functional Programming, Density Functional Theory, Maximally Localized Wannier Functions, Full potential Local Orbital
Language: Persian(Mother tongue), English(good)